Gospel Audio: Gold Anuli – Babaa ft. Dare Justified


GOLD ANULI – (Gold de ambasadore) is a singer/songwriter type crooked music producer who performs also accompanying herself with the piano or -in a solo, duo, trio, 4 or 5-piece band.
She is additionally a Record/music producer at this time tending a music classification of her hold styled Tgroopz Music , a registered music band in Nigeria.<!–more–>
Full names Gold Anuli Nwangwu, she grew up and had for the most part of her official edification in – Owerri, Imo state.Her ardor for singing and live music at the start began as a hobby and soon began to classify as the graft of a lifetime; a lifetime career and ministry.
Starting 1999 in Owerri, she began live singing on assorted platforms, and embraced music efficiently from 2007 as a solo tape artiste. During this epoch she coupled and led assorted singing groups. By 2008, she relocated to Lagos to refurbish her career spread and complete a introduction CD struggle “MY CHARIOT” self-released in the identical year. She would after that board on a mixture of musical trainings to perk up her craft then.
 Gold Anuli took a original extent in Estate management at Imo national college which was full with equally speculative and musical triumph and milestones, in 2010 she went through the four levels of rivalry in the Black Entertainment box (BET) prearranged singing talent stalk programme, the Nigeria publication of the “SUNDAY BEST” struggle detained in Eko inn and Suites Lagos Nigeria and emerged as one of the seven (7) winners out of a gigantic 1000 talented singers officiated by talented Judges, Kirk Franklin, Donnie Mclurkin and Kim Burrell and Muyiwa.

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Several being after that, Gold has washed-out as a rule of her time civilizing her piano and music invention skills. Her stream free “Kulienu ” off the sophomore full-length disc A gamble on the rampage in 2014 was as well self-produced and is generally celebrated.

Over the years, Music Production/ Direction, influence training, firm commerce and on stage live piano boast be converted into her new repertoire skills.

 CONTRIBUTIONS: She is currently convening music concerts and live recordings with other artists also and performs / tours with her music team.

PASSION: Gold loves to worship God with her gift of songs and make people happy with her music. She has a passion to assist young and aspiring music talents and strongly believes that as an icon in the music industry, she is there to inspire as many as would encounter her works, life and message.

“I am extra mindful of the thin line between the business of music and the spiritual part of it., God’s ultimate guidance and a purpose driven life is key to true success in every endeavour” she says.

‘Babaa’ is a brand new single from this talented singer, producer and voice coach.


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