Police force Declares Burna boy ‘Wanted’ For Mr 2kay’s raid As Suspects Confess They Were rewarded By His Manager


Now at a prosecute briefing, the Lagos state-run police force commisioner, Edgal Imohimi confirmed Burna schoolboy sought and overtly called on him to loud noise to the regulate posting for questioning in association with the shoplifting tackle of fellow singer, Mr 2kay at Eko Hotel.
According to the law enforcement commisioner, ‘4 armed robbers passed out the criticism and detectives were skilled to arrest one of their girlfriends who is identidied as ‘Matejero’ which led to the capture of the others. During interogation, the robbers confessed that they were hired by Burna child through his manager, Joel Kantiock who was arrested in Zaria, Kaduna State’.
The CP went on to input that ‘they confessed to being paid a element payment of 50,000 naira before the work and an alternative 50,000 was compensated to the robbers unswervingly by Burna son while the trade was done. At the moment, labors to pick up Burna schoolboy is proving futile but we reckoning on him to reach himself accessible for questioning immediately’.

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