Because of the importance of education to the development of our nation, and because the most important and influential factor in the education of a child is the school where the child is being educated, we have made it our business to search out the best schools in any particular geographical location in Nigeria so as to help parents in all areas in Nigeria choose the best schools for their children.

And so our mission involves keeping our ears to the ground about the comments of people both in the real world and the social media, and once lots of people start praising a particular school, we want to know more, and most of the time the only way to know more is to visit such a school.

It was on such a mission that our organization sent me to visit CORNERSTONE MODEL SCHOOL, OWO, to evaluate the standard of the school and to determine if the praises parents in Owo have been lavishing on the school is in accordance with the actual quality of the school.
On getting to the school, the first thing I noticed was the serene environment hosting the school. My first impression was the air of seriousness which was obviously matched with the seriousness of the noiseless pupils. After being allowed into the premises of the school, I went straight to the office of the proprietress for a short appraisal interview to find out why people refer to them as the best. But even before the quietly confident proprietress said anything, I found out why the school is being classed among the very best, or at least, one of the reasons the school shines.
Directly opposite the proprietress’ table was a roster, hung on the wall. A quick look told me the roster contains the name list of the school’s staff and their qualifications and so I began to make a study of the roster.


It took me less than two minutes to realize that all the academic staff of the school were top WELL QUALIFIED teaching professionals!
After a brief chat with the proprietor, I was introduced to the head teacher who took me round to meet the pupils and the class teachers in their classrooms. The situations of these classrooms were absolutely reassuring. The teachers looked obviously motivated, the pupils looked obviously happy. I ticked that in the scoresheet on my mind as well.
Here is the summary of my evaluation of CORNERSTONE MODEL SCHOOL, OWO:
Founded in 2004(Approved in 2013), CORNERSTONE MODEL SCHOOL has since been moving from strength to strength. Over the years, the pupils of the school have shone in academic competitions, and in 2011, these pupils claimed a third position in the highly prestigious Macmillan competition.

Properly staffed with top professionals, CORNERSTONE MODEL SCHOOL has a way of getting the best out of individual pupil. Apart from that, the school authority continuously make serious efforts in impacting moral values into their pupils.
In conclusion, we now agree with what people have been saying about CORNERSTONE MODEL SCHOOL being a top school in Owo. I will even go further to say that CORNERSTONE MODEL SCHOOL, Owo is one of the best private nursery and primary schools in Ondo state.
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