Who are you and what do you do?

*I’m Sholokwu Chika Emmanuel A Pop/Dancehall Singer known as
Shoemm-One Tha Friskyblaq*

What’s your background and for how long have been doing music?

*I’m a native of Ute Ogbeje Ika North-East Local Government Area of
Delta State. I’m born into the family of five(5) of which I’m the
first child. I started doing music 13years ago but professionally
3years ago*

What art do you most identify with?

*Doing music and Dancing*

What work do you most enjoying doing?


So like how many tracks have you recorded so far?

*hmmm!!! i have recorded up to 21tracks Which i still have more to drop*

Have you recorded any song this year?

*I haven’t and it’s because of some issue affecting the mind but thank
God I’m over it and now I’m fully back my fans and lovers should pls
pardon me and to watch out for my new song titled “TAKE CHOCOLATE”
dropping in December and I’m really coming out big trust me*

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

*When I went to represent my church in a dance competition 1999 which
I was the best dancer*

What’s your scariest experience?

*my dad asked me to do something for him, but i forgot to do the
stuff. He was soooo angry and I was so scared that he won’t allow me
to perform with my dance crew that very day but to my surprise he
didn’t stop me*

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

*when I went to a Television Show in Lagos December 2013 to perform,
then one of the organisers asked me to pay him #1k before he will
allow me to perform but to my surprise that same person said to me
“this show is not for upcoming artiste like you” after collecting 1k
from me and he allowed another upcoming act to perform I was so angry
and embarrassed*

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

*I was a DJ and i dance professionally for 3years 2008-2011*

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

*Psquare, Wande Coal and Davido*

Your celebrities icons?

*Usher, Eminem, Fela, Psquare, Wande Coal and so on*

I don’t expect you to still mention the Multi-Talented Duo “PSQUARE”
as part of the celebrities, cos they are no longer doing music

*Why won’t i? lolzzz, come rain come sunshine Psquare remains my No1
in Africa ain’t no artistes taking their love or space I grew up
listening to their music back in the days of E No Good, Last Nite,
Mako Fiesta, Kolo etc*

I can see that you really love Psquare and as an artiste and lover of
Psquare, what can you say is/are the reasons for their breakup?

*See me see wahala o Lolzzzz. well, I won’t say much but personally, i
would say there is this misunderstanding or should i call it beef
between Peter and Jude Engees their Elder brother/Manager and this
thing caused their breakup cos I could remember this whole issue
started 4years ago when Peter and Lola did their traditional wedding
which Jude did not attend (for what?!) and when Jude and Ifeoma did
their own traditional wedding Peter did not attend too….(maka
why?!)I could remember Last year when Peter said “I have no issue with
my twin brother Paul but with the manager”*

*So if you hadn’t pursued this particular career choice, what line of career would you have pursued?

*To be An Engineer*

 And who(s) had the most impact on your choice?*

*My Mom cos she’s a good singer and an energetic dancer till date been
watching her since i was 6years*

What Do You do when not working or doing music?

*busy doing my other stuff cos that’s where I get money to fund my music*

What advice do you have for upcoming acts coming behind you?

*They should always Pray and Trust in God. They should keep doing
their thing without listening to the haters and never to forget that
there are plenty lions in the industry May God help us


*Lolzzz it means You Get Mouth(You Are Mouthed)*

Thanks for your time we wishes you All the best in your musical career.


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